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"Give more than you take." Everybody has heard these words, but have we ever actually given more than we've taken? Earth has given us so many things, and it's time for us to give back. We've all been told to "go green" and "save the earth", now all that's left is to put those words into action. Even the smallest actions or gestures WILL make a difference - after all, its the little things that add up to create something be beautiful. Together we can paint a greener planet - one step at a time.
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Problem with straws: they are plastic.

Problem with plastic:
- Animals eat them
- Health risks
- Production uses a lot of energy, and harms ecosystems

Problem with landfills: 
- Destroys animal habitats
- Cuts down trees
- Pollutes environment

Visit this link for more information:

Most of the time, we use straws when we don’t even need them. Why not just drink directly, rather than using straws that cause so many environmental problems? 

If you use straws because you think the container is dirty (e.g. soda cans), you can quickly rinse the top with water. 

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